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The 3D Touch Add On for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available for download. Check it out here!


Quick Start Guide:

Click here to download Novint Falcon Quick Start Guide (Falcon Quick Start Guide R7.pdf)


STEP 1: Click here to download Novint Falcon drivers (setup.Falcon.v4.0.28.0_100707.exe)

*Note: You must NOT connect your Falcon to your computer or install F-Gen or install any our native Full 3D Support games or install any 3D Touch Add On BEFORE installing the Novint Falcon drivers.

STEP 2: Click here to download Novint Falcon Tutorial (setup.FalconTutorial_v1.1.0.0_070909.exe)



If you plan on using our 3D Touch Add On support for the games you already own you must install F-Gen before installing the 3D Touch Add On for your games. F-Gen is not required to play our native Full 3D Touch Games. F-Gen should not be running when playing our Full 3D Touch Games or running our Falcon Tutorial. F-Gen should be installed and always run with administrator privileges. Please note that the F-Gen is provided as is.

Click here to download F-Gen (setup.F-Gen_1.0.0.0_100818.exe)



3D Add On Updating and Creating:

Click here to download information on 3D Add On updating and creating (3D Add On Updating and Creating.pdf). Please note that this information is provided as is.


Developer Downloads:

Novint SDK (HDAL_SDK_2.1.3_setup.exe)

The Novint SDK is a Windows platform, C++ language, force command based SDK which comes with documentation and code examples. This software development kit is used to create your own custom applications and interfaces for the Novint Falcon device.

Novint SDK Terms and Conditions

By clicking here, I have agreed to the terms and conditions and would like to download the SDK

F-Gen SDK (setup.F-Gen_SDK_v1.0.0.0_110104.exe)

Click here to download F-Gen SDK. This SDK is used to add new capabilities and plug-ins to F-Gen. Please note that the F-Gen SDK is provided as is.