Investor Relations

Novint Technologies, Inc. is publicly traded on the OTC Pink Sheets under the symbol NVNT. Novint is the pioneer of 3D touch for consumer computing. Beginning with the introduction of the company’s flagship product, the Novint Falcon game controller, and continuing with our recent addition of the Novint XIO, Novint is introducing a new category of products that make high-fidelity computer touch possible and practical.

In the same way the introduction of sound changed motion pictures, or graphics made the Internet what it is today, Novint's technology transforms the user experience by adding realistic interactive 3D touch to computing. While the concept of computer touch is as unimaginable to most people as the idea of television was in the age of radio, we envision a not-too-distant future when it is as commonplace and ubiquitous as a mobile phone or a computer mouse.

In addition to the both the Falcon and the Xio, and the company’s touch-enabled games, Novint’s technology has broad applications in numerous consumer and commercial markets.

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