Easy Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Week

Easy Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Week

You’ve been working hard this week. Whether you’re a hardcore salaryman, grinding that 9-5 or an artist trying to finish in a schedule that seems completely impossible to meet, you’ve earned some rest to unwind and forget about the events of the last few days. Unfortunately sometimes, especially after a high-octane week of work, it can be difficult to relax.

“Trying to relax” is in itself an oxymoron, an idea which can unsettle your mood by itself, and a paradox which has haunted the working person for decades. Speaking as someone who finds it hard to switch out of a hard work mindset myself, I understand how lost this can sometimes make you feel when you just want to zone out of one reality and into the comfort of relaxation. Good thing I’m here to help you find your zen and get on with your weekend!


While this can be one of the most uncomfortable words for many people to read, exercise is always going to be a point in any relaxation guide. While the idea of exercise might seem stressful in itself and “relaxing” is one of the last words to spring to mind mid-10K, the effects exercise has on the brain is well documented.

When used by itself or in tandem with any of the methods further down the list, exercise has been shown to release endorphins in the brain and brings a deep relaxing feeling to any muscles which have been stressed during the session.

Even though it might seem like the last thing you want to do immediately after you’ve clocked in your 40 hours, going for a run or a martial arts class before starting your weekend is an extremely efficient way to take your mind away from work and bring your body into the chill-zone.

Do Something Boring

When proposed, this can seem like another counter-intuitive way to chill yourself out, but getting in to some repetitive or dull tasks can help reset your brain immediately after a stressful week. As you finish up at work or are traveling back home, doing something mind-numbing can really ease your mind out of work mode and into relaxation mode.

Repeat some verses in your head, get on Candy Crush or even count backward from 100, any mindless activity can be used as a quick reset switch to your brain. This will never completely relax you, but it is quick and private and can be conducted at any time, setting you up to start the real relaxation.

Ignore Your Inbox

This might seem obvious to a lot of people, but completely phasing yourself out of anything work-related is one of the most important things you can do for your brain when it comes to relaxing after a hard week. Once you’re off the clock, you need to keep your brain away from anything work-related, so close your work emails, turn off your work phone and forget that work exists just for the weekend.

This is the hardest possible thing for me, so I fully understand if this seems ridiculous to you, but your productivity will be greatly decreased if you are always thinking about work. The human brain is not built to withstand constant stress, and the time you spend unwinding outside of work prepares your for the next week to come, so make sure the you time is all you time.

Try Some Cannabinoids

The decades-long demonization of marijuana is finally coming to its natural conclusion in the 21st century, and people everywhere are becoming educated on the numerous legitimate applications of the many substances found in this magical plant.


Thanks to our lord and savior – modern science, we now have widespread access to CBD, the chemical in cannabis which promotes relaxation in the mind and body. This can be an extremely effective way to kickstart your weekly unwind, and to be legally sold as CBD it must contain only trace amounts of marijuana’s psychoactive chemical – THC.

As a result, you can continue on your normal day and even drive while under the effects of some premium 100% pure CBD oil, as its only function is to relax you, without actually changing how your mind and body think and act. Those looking for the instant, hardcore relaxation option can of course opt for a more traditional high THC solution, but I can recommend everyone try some CBD to see if it works!

Turn Off Your Phone

It’s the end of the week. The last thing you need right now is to be reminded of all the drama and nonsense going on in the world outside your head. Especially in the modern age, people spend far too much time using and worrying about social media and the reports from more traditional news media.

To this end, you should try the route a lot of people like myself are trying – completely disconnecting from the social metaverse. Even if you aren’t actively considering it, the state of your internet presence can weigh on people’s minds for a multitude of reasons.

Personally, I limit my social media time to just a few minutes a day, but for most people who spend a lot of time on the blogosphere, taking some time at the end of the week to ignore your phone and appreciate the real world a little can go a long way to de-stressing your mind ready for a weekend of partying or relaxing.

Has Drug Representation in Games Broken the Taboo?

Has Drug Representation in Games Broken the Taboo?

It is said by many that how drugs are represented within popular media culture will have a big impact on how they are thought about in the real world. While this could be argued to be true, there are also a lot of other factors that play a part in a person’s approach towards drugs and how they view them within society. It is important to also consider that a person’s own [personal experiences will play a huge part in their attitude towards drugs, but it is also said that in this day and age the media also affects us in a bigger way than we would like to admit.

Drug representation basically means how it is portrayed within many aspects of mainstream media outlets, gaming is just one of these but with the increase in adult-rated games we have seen many examples of drugs within the industry. Crime games, in particular, show various depictions of drugs with each varying in intensity depending on the game’s age limit, although most of them do end up being rated as eighteen and over.

As mentioned previously gaming is just one aspect of drugs and mainstream life, this article will be covering how gaming affects our views when it comes to drugs as well as other factors that may have played a part in breaking the taboo.

How Gaming Affects People in Relation to Drugs

Gaming has a big effect on those who play online games regularly, especially with games that are mimicking the real world sit can be easy to become drawn into the immersive nature of what you are playing and start to take what is happening as real life information. Drugs are no exception to this with many people viewing the way that drugs are shown in many games as to how it really is. This is not always the case with things like this being dramatized for effect in the same way as many other forms of media.

Young People

With younger people especially who may not be aware of the drugs world, it could be the case that the first example they are seeing is from the games that they play, this is why it is so important that you monitor the content your children are exposed to and make sure that they know that the games they play are not always an accurate depiction of how life really is.

Legal Changes

Although gaming can have a really big effect on how people view drugs and drug use there are a number of other factors that play a bigger part in the world’s attitudes. A big change that occurred in recent years was the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the US and other worldwide regions. With it being legal for personal and medical use in many parts of the world now, cannabis especially has seen a big change with some people viewing this drug as a medical product rather than just for recreational use. Using this drug can have many benefits with chronic illnesses, sleep issues, and anxiety which is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have started using it within their everyday lives.

These legal changes also include the legalization of growing your own cannabis at home, as long as you stick to the regulations of how much you can grow and how much of the final product you can possess at a given time, you should have no legal issues with growing your own cannabis.

Growing Your Own

If you are of legal age and in a legal state and want to get started with growing your own, then marijuana seeds for sale in the US can be found here with many retailers offering advice for first-time growers. Growing your own allows you to have peace of mind that the product you are using has not come in contact with any harmful cutting chemicals or growing treatments, which can affect the drug and your body after use. These legal changes have made it more acceptable to use marijuana to treat many common issues, which in turn has made it less of a taboo subject to use this drug for recreational purposes.

Has the Taboo Actually Been Broken

It is my opinion that many steps have been taken to make drug use less of a taboo subject

instead, people are being encouraged to discuss their relationship with drugs and seek help where it is becoming an issue. Rather than being left to make a bigger issue out of a person’s drug use, I would say that the openness to the discussion that so many people seem to have is a sign that it is becoming less of a taboo subject.

Current Attitudes

When it comes to lower-end drugs like marijuana which is now considered by many to be on the same level as alcohol I would say that the taboo has been broken in mainstream society. It could be argued that how it has been shown in the media and video games played a big part, but I would argue that the real-world legal changes that have occurred are hugely responsible for the attitude change. The fact that these laws have allowed many people worldwide to have access to the medication that they require is a big benefit that has also contributed to the shift. I also feel that now the benefits of using drugs like this have been made a lot clearer more people are on board with using cannabis.

COD Upgrades: All the New Features Coming this Season

If you are someone that loves Call of Duty, then you have definitely been playing Cold War. Cold War is the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise and promises to completely reinvent the way in which we play the game. Along with a brand new set of daring maps, Cold War constantly brings back reworked classic maps.

What really sets this new game apart from the others is just how much there is to do with it. If you are someone that has already been playing the game, then you will know that the game splits into two.  Warzone is much like a lot of the classic Call of Duty games that you know and love, but with more of a hectic battle royale style.  The introduction of this game mode has excited Call of Duty fans everywhere and to make it even better, there are various cheats that make call of duty warzone more fun. Now that you know about some of the features that the game is currently offering, you may be curious to know what you can expect in the latest season.

What sets this game apart from the previous games is the introduction of the Battle Pass. This Battle Pass allows you to unlock fun skins, characters, and even game perks. The game is now on its fourth season and this season is set to be the best one yet,  but what new features have been announced?


Ground fall

To kick off the brand new season there will be an event called the Ground fall event.  This will be a great way to pick up some quick XP at the very start of the season so that you can unlock all of the exciting features of the brand-new battle pass.

This brand new model is based on testing out all of the new guns and game modes that will be present at various points throughout the season. This game mode will not be available for a long time and so we recommend that you make the most of it while you have the chance. The purpose of this mode is to give you a taster of what is to offer in the brand new battle pass as Ubisoft hopes that by trying them out, you may feel more inclined to purchase the pass.

What is really appealing about this particular game mode is the fact that you can get a blueprint for a secondary weapon that promises to be a cut above the rest.

New player models

One of the best aspects of Cold War is the astounding variety of character models. Not only do you have different teams of player models to choose from, but each character within this team has a number of customizable versions.

In the new season, you can expect to be introduced to a brand new cast of characters. The NATO team in particular has a number of brand new members being added to it. Among the new characters is Salah. Salah is a member of Egypt’s elite unit 777 and has quite a shocking appearance. What really makes this character stand out is his eye patch, which will add a certain edge to your gameplay.

New weapons

Something that everyone looks forward to with every season is the introduction of brand new guns. This season you can expect to see five new exciting guns with unlockable attachments that will only improve their quality.

For those of you that love a light machine gun, you would have already noticed the lack of light machine gun selection in the previous season. The MG 82 looks to make a difference to that and is said to have the highest fire rate in the entire game.

If you are someone that loves a trusty assault rifle, then you will once again be happy to know that they are adding to their assault rifle collection. The C58 is set to be released in the new season and can be obtained for free. This gun offers high damage at a slower fire rate, so it will be great for someone who likes close combat.

Nail Gun

The nail gun is set to be added this season and can be obtained by completing the challenge of getting 5 kills with a grenade launcher 15 times in a row. If you manage to do this, then you can then access the nail gun. The nail gun promises rapid-fire and even more powerful damage, so we recommend that you attempt to get it.


What makes this gun stand apart from others that are being released this season is the fantastic attachments that you can get with it. Unfortunately, the SMG has a low magazine capacity of only 20 rounds, so you will need to keep acquiring ammo.

Our Choice for Apex Legends Strongest Characters

Gaming is one of the most popular industries in the whole economy, it brings in billions of dollars every single year. It is often given a bad name and blamed for children being violent, for children underperforming academically and it has even been blamed for influencing school shooters to act the way that they do. However, none of this is true. There have been studies into children who play video games vs children who don’t play video games and those who play video games were no more violent than their counterparts. Studies have actually revealed that playing video games, in moderation, can be great for a child’s development., they have been shown to improve a child’s coordination, memory and it can even increase their brain functions. There are plenty of popular games out there that kids love to play and many kids become obsessed with them and dedicate a lot of time towards playing them. One of the most popular games at the moment is Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a free-to-play game produced by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is a battle royale game and it is one of the hardest of its kind, luckily there are lots of ways you can make winning at apex easier as there are plenty of helpful tricks and tips online. There are plenty of characters to play as on Apex Legends and we’ve analyzed them and chosen who we think are the strongest.

Apex Characters

Apex Legends is a complex battle royale game, there is so much to the game that each character needs to have a variety of skills to be successful at the game. Each character in Apex Legends has a different set of skills to the others, some of the skills and abilities that the characters have include tracking skills, a tactical eye to temporarily see hidden enemies, a protective dome, a medic quality to help revive teammates, and a voice that warns you when danger is coming. This is only a small selection of the skills that the various characters possess. Apex Legends is a team game so once you’ve decided on your preferred style of playing, eg if you enjoy playing as the medic type character, then you should try and find a team who compliment your skills, so someone who would want to attack while you hold back and revive the rest of the team. There are plenty of combinations between characters that work and make a group successful, so have fun and play about with your options.

Strongest Apex Characters

Choosing who the strongest characters are in Apex Legends is a difficult decision to make as each character is so unique it can often be difficult to compare them to each other. As it is a team game you can’t just base this off the power of each character’s abilities but you also have to consider how these abilities interact with other characters and their abilities. We’ve rated Bloodhound as the strongest Apex character as they can move fast and see hidden things which is the best quality in a battle royale game. Next, the 2nd best character we rated is Gibraltar, they are a great team player as they have fantastic protection qualities but also possess defensive bombardment qualities which can help those on the team who are attacking. Pathfinder is the next best Apex character as it’s the perfect character to get anyone in the team out of a sticky situation as they can create a zipline for any other player to move out of danger.

How to Properly Admin a Lively Multiplayer Server

When hosting a multiplayer gaming server on any platform or game type if you want people to continue coming to you for their gaming needs you will have to maintain the server to a high standard. There are many different aspects behind the upkeep of most servers so you will have to ensure you are both organized and attentive in your server management style. The important thing to remember is that these days if you are not providing high-quality service and connection on your gaming servers then the players are just going to turn to someone else with the necessary capabilities.  


Controlling Who is Allowed on the Server

Although it may seem like you are getting a bit power-mad by going down this route it is also very important to the upkeep and admin process of your server that you are monitoring who is coming on and watching out for any troublemakers. People who are not following the rules or automated bots are going to affect the quality of the gaming experience that is provided for those that are looking to have a good time. If you want to [preserve the quality of the experience you should be on the lookout for players who are disturbing the peace and not following the rules and ban them from the server entirely.  


Fixing Technical Issues

When any kind of technology is in play it is likely that you may experience a technical fault from time to time, usually, within most gamers, it is not the issues that cause them to get annoyed by it when a company is not clear and transparent about what is going on and how long it will take to be fixed. This is why having a solid technical and IT support team to back you and your server is the best idea so that you can deal with server problems efficiently whilst keeping your players happy.  

Competing With the Top Servers

In such a busy industry it can be hard to attract players and convince them to leave the most popular servers and switch to yours for all of their gaming and multiplayer requirements. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that your server is offering a unique game mode and that everything is up to scratch in terms of your server admin and maintenance, if you stand any chance of competing with the best Minecraft servers. 




If you are looking for ways that you can improve your servers then one of the eBay places to start with would be to contact the people who are playing on your servers for feedback and any suggestions on what could be done to make your server better. Even by asking people what they think you are also going to show the players who use your servers that you are somebody who cares about providing a high-quality experience that cannot be found on any other platform or gaming server. Within any business it should be common practice for both the service provider and the consumer to have a platform for communication where concerns and feedback can be posted, this is beneficial for you as a service provider because you are made aware of what your users want to be kept happy, and the customer has their needs met making it a win-win situation for all involved. Overall as long as you are attentive to your gamer’s needs and making sure that any technical faults are kept to a minimum you should be in for a very successful career.  

The 8 Best Building Based Games on PC

Video games have gained a reputation of being based on violence and unhealthy competition. Though violent themes have always been at the heart of a lot of the popular games that we have all come to love, it is not fair to say that all games follow this same theme. Another very popular genre of game that we have all come to move is building-based games. These games give us the chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxing game based on creation, but what are the best building-based games available on PC right now? 


Minecraft is arguably the most popular building game out there. This game has had an impact in the formative years of most of our lives and so many of us hold a nostalgic appreciation for the game. There are no limitations on what you are able to create in Minecraft, which is one of the reasons that the game has continued to be so popular as the years have gone on.  


This Indie game does not have the same popularity as many on the list, but if you have ever been lucky enough to play it, then you will know just how enjoyable it is. This game consists of trying to survive in a zombie ravished world while collecting materials to build a safe base and also seeking out food to ensure that you stay alive.  This building game is so popular due to the evolution that it has seen. It started off with the user only being able to create basic walls and floors and from there you can now craft almost every possible item of furniture.  


For the last couple of years, it has seemed impossible to be able to escape the popularity that Fortnite has had.  Though it is known as a PVP game, the aspect of the game that makes it so distinguishable from other games on the market is the fact that building is such a big part of the gameplay.  Without the building element of the game, Fortnite would not have the same charm that has made it so popular among gamers. Being able to build completely revolutionizes the way that the combat in the game functions, as being able to build to avoid your enemy makes it all the more exciting. 


Though this is not a game dedicated to building, there are plenty of servers that you can go for if you have a built-in mind. Unlike many of the other servers that you can choose to play on in the game, you will be glad to know that for building servers you will not need to use Robux. However, some of the servers that you enjoy do appreciate the occasional donation. If you want to donate to the servers but don’t have the money to do so, you could always donate from the free robux website, as this will cost you nothing but support the servers that you love.  


Banished is a game that has had a following for some time now.  The premise of the game is that you start off with a settlement and have to try and improve their surroundings, build homes and evolve the civilization. This is popular for people who enjoy the creation process but do not necessarily have an artistic attachment to the building. If you are someone that enjoys working with limited resources for a more realistic feel, then you will love banished.  

The Sims 

The Sims is a classic game in the world of building games. Not only can you create your own personal house in sims, but you can also build an entire city. The sims have a cult following and are loved due to just how advanced the customization of the homes is. You can essentially imitate any building that you desire to. 


 Planet Zoo 

If you love animals and building, then you are bound to love planet zoo. This game allows you to completely design and build your own zoo in which you can house a large variety of animals. You can design it in any way you wish and you can really live out your zoo owner fantasies.  

Gaming Apparel: Everything you Need for that Gamer Look

It can be difficult to look at the world of gaming and not instantly assume 90% of its participants spent most of their time indoors. But this is an old stereotype. Built-up back when gaming was a fringe hobby that society looked down upon. The classic look of a gamer stuck in a basement, never changing their clothes, and rarely showering.  

But this image is so far from the truth. Especially now that gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. Esports now rivals normal sports. New triple-A game releases are some of the most anticipated events. And gamer fashion is all the rage. 

So much so that the signature ‘Gamer’ look has evolved to new heights in recent years. Especially now that we know many major celebrities and people of influence are avid gamers. Now, of course, there is no single gamer look. But rather many different styles. So we are going to help you figure out which gamer style works best for you by highlighting all the different bits of apparel that can help you achieve the true Gamer look. 

Gaming Shirts 

Shirts have quickly become the mainstay of merchandise for any fandom. Whether that be music, movies, or gaming. Nothing signifies your dedication to your favorite game like a shirt sporting the main characters or art from that series. And, more often than not, these shirts are designed by independent art teams who put a unique and definitive spin on them. 

So if you are looking to create that gamer look, this is a great place to start. They are often cheap and comfortable to boot. And on the rare occasion, you can’t find any official merch for your favorite game, there is nothing stopping you from making your own shirt using a custom shirt making website. Just don’t try to sell them on afterward! 


Hats have become something of a meme in the gaming community. Mainly thanks to the game Team Fortress 2, which is affectionately called Hat-Simulator at times. But in reality, hats are a staple of the fashion world. They can really tie an outfit together or make you stand out in a crowd. Or you can go with something simple like a baseball cap which is comfortable and practical. But how do you tie it into a gamer look? 

There are plenty of hats that have appeared in different games that you can buy authentic replicas off. Ranging from simple and subtle to the more outlandish Team Fortress hats. But even without gaming-specific logos, a simple hat works well to give off that gaming vibe. 


These days it seems everyone is vaping. Not just those looking to quit smoking. And one community that is being targeted by vaping advertising is gamers. And it has definitely worked. Vaping has become an integral part of the gaming fashion world. Not mainly because it is also integrated into the music industry.  

But as technology has advanced, vapes have become quite fashionable as well. With many different styles ready to match any outfit, nothing screams Gamer quite like a fresh pack of delta 8 thc vape carts loaded in a sleek and stylish new vape. 


No gaming session is complete without a powerful headset. Crystal clear sound pumped directly into your ears really is the best way to experience all the hard work sound designers put into their games. But no longer is it acceptable to just own a good headset. It also has to be stylish too. 

This trend started as streaming became more popular. Gamers were now broadcasting themselves to millions of viewers. So suddenly how you looked mattered more. This included your headset. So companies started adding an extra level of style to their headsets. So if you really want to get that gamer to look, a stylish headset is the way to go. Particularly popular in recent years is the cat-ear headsets. They started as little more than a meme, but have become one of the most iconic bits of gaming kit out there. 


Shoes have been one of the most significant items in the fashion world for hundreds of years. And technological advancements combined with an ever-growing fashion world means today we are lucky enough to have endless options when it comes to shoe designs.  

And with that, we have seen a trend of theme shoes appearing. Particularly with Vans who have produced a number of iconic lines such as the David Bowie Vans. But this trend is limited to celebrities either. Sonic the Hedgehog also had a signature series of shoes produced. So to really tie together your gamer look you might want to consider investing in a pair of stylish trainers, themed or not, to set yourself apart! 

The 8 Best Gaming Review Sites you can actually Trust

The world of gaming can be extremely congested. Every year hundreds of games are released onto the market, each with the promise of providing exceptional gameplay and an original experience. Unfortunately, games can also be extremely expensive. There is no wonder why, as game development companies spend years perfecting their games with the help of a dedicated team and so it is reasonable that they would expect to receive large profit margins for their hard work.

With so many games being so expensive, it can be almost impossible to know which games are worth purchasing. In an ideal world, you would be able to purchase the games yourself and test them, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible unless you make a tremendous amount of money.

For those of you that still want to know whether or not a game is worth buying, one of the best ways that you can determine a game’s worth is by reading reviews or watching videos about it. Unfortunately, a lot of the review websites that have gained popularity over the last few years simply are not reliable. This is because the sites usually operate on sponsorship and so are often biased or not true to their opinions.

This can be extremely frustrating, as dependable reviews are extremely important as you will be spending your own money based on the opinion of these review pages. We noticed the sheer amount of unreliable resources for game reviews so worry not, we have collected a list of our top 8 best gaming review sites that you can actually trust, and here they are.


Though this isn’t considered to be a dedicated game review site, it is hard to deny that you will find opinions more honest than the opinions that you can find on Reddit. There are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to the discussion of new releases and gameplay of beloved games. On Reddit, you can expect to not have any opinions filtered, as the people that post are usually anonymous or simply have no attachment to the company that has produced the game that they are reviewing.  These are also reviews by people who love gaming, so you know that the opinions that you are going to get are bound to be reliable and reflective of the experience of a gamer.


If you are looking for a truly reliable review site, then you need to head over to tseret.com. This site is great because it doesn’t just review the most popular game out there right now, it covers plenty of different genres and takes an in-depth look into whether or not these games are really worth buying. This site also has a reliable rating system that they take very seriously, which means that you are always promised to receive a reliable and trusted review.


Destructoid is one of the most popular game review sites out there. Not only do they talk about games that have already been released, but they also look into possible future releases and engage in in-depth discussions about what you can expect from these games. This site is also extremely reliable and you can expect to see at least a dozen new posts every day, which means they are really up to date with the world of gaming.


Meta Critic

As you can see by the name, this review site does not let games get off easily. If they find a slight problem with a game, meta critic does not simply move past it. This is refreshing as often when it comes to gaming sites, they will neglect to mention little issues that could make or break someone’s gaming experience.

Nintendo Life

If you are a Nintendo fan, then this is probably the best page for you. This review page is dedicated entirely to reviewing Nintendo games, so if these are the games that you play most frequently, then you will benefit from getting options from Nintendo light. Nintendo games receive constant content updates and changes to how they operate and this page is always there to share their opinions on these changes and analyze whether or not these changes were worth making.

Game Informer

This site comes from a very long-running magazine. Because magazines aren’t exactly that popular anymore, the company decided to move online. They still produce their much-loved content and will give news about upcoming games, as well as sharing their reviews on games that have already been released. The people that write their reviews are avid gamers who know what gamers look for when it comes to a new game, so their opinions are trusted by many in the community.

Game spot

This page is dedicated to sharing recent news about some of the games you already love, as well as the games that they know that you are going to love. This site is quite small and is run by people who truly care about gaming. They are very honest with their reviews, so if you are looking for transparency then you need to look no further.

The Review bros

One of the more relaxed and less professional review sites on this list is the review bros. This site was made for people who love games by a group of friends that have spent their entire lives gaming. Don’t expect complex reviews, but expect honesty.