How to Properly Admin a Lively Multiplayer Server

When hosting a multiplayer gaming server on any platform or game type if you want people to continue coming to you for their gaming needs you will have to maintain the server to a high standard. There are many different aspects behind the upkeep of most servers so you will have to ensure you are both organized and attentive in your server management style. The important thing to remember is that these days if you are not providing high-quality service and connection on your gaming servers then the players are just going to turn to someone else with the necessary capabilities.  


Controlling Who is Allowed on the Server

Although it may seem like you are getting a bit power-mad by going down this route it is also very important to the upkeep and admin process of your server that you are monitoring who is coming on and watching out for any troublemakers. People who are not following the rules or automated bots are going to affect the quality of the gaming experience that is provided for those that are looking to have a good time. If you want to [preserve the quality of the experience you should be on the lookout for players who are disturbing the peace and not following the rules and ban them from the server entirely.  


Fixing Technical Issues

When any kind of technology is in play it is likely that you may experience a technical fault from time to time, usually, within most gamers, it is not the issues that cause them to get annoyed by it when a company is not clear and transparent about what is going on and how long it will take to be fixed. This is why having a solid technical and IT support team to back you and your server is the best idea so that you can deal with server problems efficiently whilst keeping your players happy.  

Competing With the Top Servers

In such a busy industry it can be hard to attract players and convince them to leave the most popular servers and switch to yours for all of their gaming and multiplayer requirements. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that your server is offering a unique game mode and that everything is up to scratch in terms of your server admin and maintenance, if you stand any chance of competing with the best Minecraft servers. 




If you are looking for ways that you can improve your servers then one of the eBay places to start with would be to contact the people who are playing on your servers for feedback and any suggestions on what could be done to make your server better. Even by asking people what they think you are also going to show the players who use your servers that you are somebody who cares about providing a high-quality experience that cannot be found on any other platform or gaming server. Within any business it should be common practice for both the service provider and the consumer to have a platform for communication where concerns and feedback can be posted, this is beneficial for you as a service provider because you are made aware of what your users want to be kept happy, and the customer has their needs met making it a win-win situation for all involved. Overall as long as you are attentive to your gamer’s needs and making sure that any technical faults are kept to a minimum you should be in for a very successful career.  

The 8 Best Building Based Games on PC

Video games have gained a reputation of being based on violence and unhealthy competition. Though violent themes have always been at the heart of a lot of the popular games that we have all come to love, it is not fair to say that all games follow this same theme. Another very popular genre of game that we have all come to move is building-based games. These games give us the chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxing game based on creation, but what are the best building-based games available on PC right now? 


Minecraft is arguably the most popular building game out there. This game has had an impact in the formative years of most of our lives and so many of us hold a nostalgic appreciation for the game. There are no limitations on what you are able to create in Minecraft, which is one of the reasons that the game has continued to be so popular as the years have gone on.  


This Indie game does not have the same popularity as many on the list, but if you have ever been lucky enough to play it, then you will know just how enjoyable it is. This game consists of trying to survive in a zombie ravished world while collecting materials to build a safe base and also seeking out food to ensure that you stay alive.  This building game is so popular due to the evolution that it has seen. It started off with the user only being able to create basic walls and floors and from there you can now craft almost every possible item of furniture.  


For the last couple of years, it has seemed impossible to be able to escape the popularity that Fortnite has had.  Though it is known as a PVP game, the aspect of the game that makes it so distinguishable from other games on the market is the fact that building is such a big part of the gameplay.  Without the building element of the game, Fortnite would not have the same charm that has made it so popular among gamers. Being able to build completely revolutionizes the way that the combat in the game functions, as being able to build to avoid your enemy makes it all the more exciting. 


Though this is not a game dedicated to building, there are plenty of servers that you can go for if you have a built-in mind. Unlike many of the other servers that you can choose to play on in the game, you will be glad to know that for building servers you will not need to use Robux. However, some of the servers that you enjoy do appreciate the occasional donation. If you want to donate to the servers but don’t have the money to do so, you could always donate from the free robux website, as this will cost you nothing but support the servers that you love.  


Banished is a game that has had a following for some time now.  The premise of the game is that you start off with a settlement and have to try and improve their surroundings, build homes and evolve the civilization. This is popular for people who enjoy the creation process but do not necessarily have an artistic attachment to the building. If you are someone that enjoys working with limited resources for a more realistic feel, then you will love banished.  

The Sims 

The Sims is a classic game in the world of building games. Not only can you create your own personal house in sims, but you can also build an entire city. The sims have a cult following and are loved due to just how advanced the customization of the homes is. You can essentially imitate any building that you desire to. 


 Planet Zoo 

If you love animals and building, then you are bound to love planet zoo. This game allows you to completely design and build your own zoo in which you can house a large variety of animals. You can design it in any way you wish and you can really live out your zoo owner fantasies.  

The 5 Best AFK Games Currently Out There

AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, derived originally from PC gaming whereby the player states that they are busy or have just left their keyboard briefly to do something else. Many mainstream video games such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and many more have penalties for people who go AFK in games as it ruins the experience for others that are playing who are a player short now!  

However, there are many games that are completely AFKable and easy to play so that you can focus on other things and passively game at the same time! We will be discussing the 5 best AFK games that are currently out there for all of us to enjoy.  

AFK Arena 

This game solely focused on its ability to be AFKable focuses around gradual progression and loot to collect as your champion continues to fight without the need of you supervising when you are playing the game! It is a great way to leave you to focus on other important things that you may need to be doing but then you can also still grind away and get good at the game! If you want the best working tier list, then check this website out as they are able to give you amazing additional information to make sure you are heading on the right track of success!  

Realm Grinder 

Starting off in a small village, you are able to build a small town into a massive empire! You are made to explore the surrounding areas to expand your town and alliances. The best thing is that all you have to do is plan this ahead and the game allows for it to be completed without you being there, making it a great AFK game! Also, you are able to choose many different things such as what to build, what material to use, and diplomacy all from the comfort of your fingers

Idle Oil Tycoon 

This game allows you to sit back and just enjoy your strike oil in your back garden and rake in all the cash! All you have to do is upgrade your equipment once you’ve made a certain amount of cash. Work your way up to the top and be the biggest and richest oil tycoon there ever was!  

Cookie Clicker! 

This is a very simple but addicting game! All you have got to do is tap away on your screen and collect the cookies, the more cookies you collect, you can upgrade them and increase the harvesting potential of the cookies! While you are tapping away, you could be watching a film or just chilling on the couch, you don’t need to keep an eye on it or even pay attention, just click away but make sure you don’t get a finger to cramp!  

Adventure Capitalist

There is a way to make money without doing much at all, just make sure you tell others what to do! You start off with a lemonade stand and make lemonades then once you’ve sold enough, you can upgrade and get others to do the job for you. All you have to do is set up a plan of action and watch your business grow overnight and become a millionaire! The possibilities are endless, as you can hire others to do the work for you and you can sit back and enjoy the earnings. It is even self-described as the game you play while playing other games- they know you will be playing this game AFK or while you’re really playing another game!  

The Companies Adding Gaming Rooms for their Workers

As we see a huge shift towards fairer working conditions for our many workforces all over the world that put the hours in for many of their companies to provide us with the majority of the services and products that we buy on a daily basis. It seems that some companies are wanting to push this idea further by providing their staff with high-end social spaces and gaming rooms where they can really take some time to themselves when they are on breaks or before and after a shift.  

It is so nice to see so many big industry names taking these steps to ensure that their workforce is looked after properly and that any time they spend working hard for their company is properly rewarded. Gaming rooms are just the start of this battle to create positive spaces in the workplace, with pay rates increasing to become more acceptable and to help provide so many hard-working individuals with the rate of pay and the work experience that they deserve. In recent news there have been a number of cases where workers have appealed for compensation regarding their treatment and their pay rate, suggesting that it is not appropriate for the level of work that they do. 

As the appeal continues and workers compensation leads are being searched for it is nice to see some companies going the extra mile for their staff during these times where negative staff treatment is no longer being tolerated. Below are a number of companies who have made this effort and the one thing that I can say is that I hope more companies follow suit with this new initiative.  


Sony was one of the first tech companies to unveil their new social spaces and gaming rooms dedicated to their hard-working head forces within many of their worldwide headquarters. It makes sense for Sony to do something like this as gaming and technology are a huge part of their enterprise, so it is likely that while they are doing a nice thing for their staff there is also an element of product testing to this initiative and its implementation.  

However, this doesn’t take away from the sentiment and in a general statement from a select few members of Sony’s staff, the unveiling of these new relaxation spaces was very well received. It has been a mantra of Sony that the happiness of the workforce is paramount to the business success and the fact that Sony is doing so well within the technology industry just shows how effective it can be to treat your staff with respect and to give them the rewards they deserve when they work so hard to maintain a business.  


Another company that has implemented high-end gaming and relaxation spaces within their business premises are Google, this should come as no surprise but Google is a very technologically advanced business and the tech they implement within their offices is no exception. Google recently revealed a few pictures of their new gaming rooms and the futuristic lighting and design quality that has been used is exceptionally done. The fact that Google has gone above and beyond in terms of the design and quality of the gaming rooms they want to give to their staff just shows how much the company cares about the hard-working individuals who dedicate their time every day to building such a huge company.


The final company on this list that has also taken the time to give their staff the gift of some luxury social spaces and gaming rooms within their premises would have to be Microsoft. Microsoft is known for their proper treatment of their workforce from their yearly charity donations on behalf of each staff member to their high-quality insurance and pension schemes, Microsoft really knows how to keep their workers happy so that they can keep up the hard work with growing Microsoft into the huge industry giant that it is today. The gaming rooms, in particular, are very advanced and equipped with the latest consoles and plenty of controllers so that each staff member can join in for some huge group gaming sessions whenever they want to.  

Gaming Apparel: Everything you Need for that Gamer Look

It can be difficult to look at the world of gaming and not instantly assume 90% of its participants spent most of their time indoors. But this is an old stereotype. Built-up back when gaming was a fringe hobby that society looked down upon. The classic look of a gamer stuck in a basement, never changing their clothes, and rarely showering.  

But this image is so far from the truth. Especially now that gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. Esports now rivals normal sports. New triple-A game releases are some of the most anticipated events. And gamer fashion is all the rage. 

So much so that the signature ‘Gamer’ look has evolved to new heights in recent years. Especially now that we know many major celebrities and people of influence are avid gamers. Now, of course, there is no single gamer look. But rather many different styles. So we are going to help you figure out which gamer style works best for you by highlighting all the different bits of apparel that can help you achieve the true Gamer look. 

Gaming Shirts 

Shirts have quickly become the mainstay of merchandise for any fandom. Whether that be music, movies, or gaming. Nothing signifies your dedication to your favorite game like a shirt sporting the main characters or art from that series. And, more often than not, these shirts are designed by independent art teams who put a unique and definitive spin on them. 

So if you are looking to create that gamer look, this is a great place to start. They are often cheap and comfortable to boot. And on the rare occasion, you can’t find any official merch for your favorite game, there is nothing stopping you from making your own shirt using a custom shirt making website. Just don’t try to sell them on afterward! 


Hats have become something of a meme in the gaming community. Mainly thanks to the game Team Fortress 2, which is affectionately called Hat-Simulator at times. But in reality, hats are a staple of the fashion world. They can really tie an outfit together or make you stand out in a crowd. Or you can go with something simple like a baseball cap which is comfortable and practical. But how do you tie it into a gamer look? 

There are plenty of hats that have appeared in different games that you can buy authentic replicas off. Ranging from simple and subtle to the more outlandish Team Fortress hats. But even without gaming-specific logos, a simple hat works well to give off that gaming vibe. 


These days it seems everyone is vaping. Not just those looking to quit smoking. And one community that is being targeted by vaping advertising is gamers. And it has definitely worked. Vaping has become an integral part of the gaming fashion world. Not mainly because it is also integrated into the music industry.  

But as technology has advanced, vapes have become quite fashionable as well. With many different styles ready to match any outfit, nothing screams Gamer quite like a fresh pack of delta 8 thc vape carts loaded in a sleek and stylish new vape. 


No gaming session is complete without a powerful headset. Crystal clear sound pumped directly into your ears really is the best way to experience all the hard work sound designers put into their games. But no longer is it acceptable to just own a good headset. It also has to be stylish too. 

This trend started as streaming became more popular. Gamers were now broadcasting themselves to millions of viewers. So suddenly how you looked mattered more. This included your headset. So companies started adding an extra level of style to their headsets. So if you really want to get that gamer to look, a stylish headset is the way to go. Particularly popular in recent years is the cat-ear headsets. They started as little more than a meme, but have become one of the most iconic bits of gaming kit out there. 


Shoes have been one of the most significant items in the fashion world for hundreds of years. And technological advancements combined with an ever-growing fashion world means today we are lucky enough to have endless options when it comes to shoe designs.  

And with that, we have seen a trend of theme shoes appearing. Particularly with Vans who have produced a number of iconic lines such as the David Bowie Vans. But this trend is limited to celebrities either. Sonic the Hedgehog also had a signature series of shoes produced. So to really tie together your gamer look you might want to consider investing in a pair of stylish trainers, themed or not, to set yourself apart! 

Apex Vs Fortnite: The Pros and Cons of Both

Both Apex and Fortnite are excellent Battle Royale games and can be played by just about anyone. If you are looking for a more complete game that offers rewards to keep you playing for longer, Fortnite might be for you. If you are looking for a fast-paced game that feels like a typical first-person shooter, however, then Apex Legends might be for you. Both are free to play but have microtransactions, so in-game purchases are optional to those who wish to buy items such as skins or weapons. Battle Royale is a style of game that pits many players against each other in a deathmatch style free-for-all. Typically, players will be dropped onto a large map and fight it out until only one player or team remains. Matches generally hold up to 100 players in them but can be shorter depending on servers or game limits. Both Apex Legends by Respawn and Fortnite by Epic Games are Battle Royale games. If you struggle due to the fact Apex players have a harder time getting a killthere are lots of ways you can make winning at apex easier 


What are the pros of Fortnite and apex legends?

Where Apex Legends sets itself apart is in its characters. Similar to a class-based shooter, Apex features different Legends that all have their own abilities, perks, and personalities. Learning who you play best and mastering their abilities is key to getting better at Apex, especially when engaged in a firefight with better players. One of the more innovative trends that Apex introduced is the ability to respawn. Not only can you revive teammates that go down, but you can also collect their cards if they die and bring them back to life via a respawn location. However, it is not easy to respawn someone and takes time and skill. The way it is done makes it fun to attempt and never feels like it is interrupting the game. The slower pace of Fortnite allows for some fun building mechanics. You always have a pickaxe with you, which you can use to smash objects to collect building supplies — almost like Minecraft. Once you have some supplies you can start to build walls, slopes, and roofs to protect you from attack, or give yourself the advantage of high ground.  


Cons of both games 

As both games are large online multiplayer games, you will risk meeting people you do not know online. If you have a child, you may need to exercise caution as they may encounter a dangerous person online who may ask for personal information and/or harass them differently. If you decide to play Apex Legends, you should consider that Apex Legends is designed for team play, so you are obliged to play within 3-payer squads only. Of course, you can decide to play alone, but you are likely to lead the team to defeat this way. Collaboration is the basis of a winning strategy in this game. The absence of a solo mode may be a problem for many players. Moreover, you cannot make friends with players to play together all the time. 

Some players and critics argue that the balance between the size of the map, the number of players (60), and the speed of borders are shrinking. It results in the presence of probability that you get into top solo players without killing anyone at all. It is very low, but it shouldn’t exist at all. Slow elimination pace is favored by many players, but it is hated as well. 


The 8 Best Gaming Review Sites you can actually Trust

The world of gaming can be extremely congested. Every year hundreds of games are released onto the market, each with the promise of providing exceptional gameplay and an original experience. Unfortunately, games can also be extremely expensive. There is no wonder why, as game development companies spend years perfecting their games with the help of a dedicated team and so it is reasonable that they would expect to receive large profit margins for their hard work.

With so many games being so expensive, it can be almost impossible to know which games are worth purchasing. In an ideal world, you would be able to purchase the games yourself and test them, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible unless you make a tremendous amount of money.

For those of you that still want to know whether or not a game is worth buying, one of the best ways that you can determine a game’s worth is by reading reviews or watching videos about it. Unfortunately, a lot of the review websites that have gained popularity over the last few years simply are not reliable. This is because the sites usually operate on sponsorship and so are often biased or not true to their opinions.

This can be extremely frustrating, as dependable reviews are extremely important as you will be spending your own money based on the opinion of these review pages. We noticed the sheer amount of unreliable resources for game reviews so worry not, we have collected a list of our top 8 best gaming review sites that you can actually trust, and here they are.


Though this isn’t considered to be a dedicated game review site, it is hard to deny that you will find opinions more honest than the opinions that you can find on Reddit. There are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to the discussion of new releases and gameplay of beloved games. On Reddit, you can expect to not have any opinions filtered, as the people that post are usually anonymous or simply have no attachment to the company that has produced the game that they are reviewing.  These are also reviews by people who love gaming, so you know that the opinions that you are going to get are bound to be reliable and reflective of the experience of a gamer.


If you are looking for a truly reliable review site, then you need to head over to This site is great because it doesn’t just review the most popular game out there right now, it covers plenty of different genres and takes an in-depth look into whether or not these games are really worth buying. This site also has a reliable rating system that they take very seriously, which means that you are always promised to receive a reliable and trusted review.


Destructoid is one of the most popular game review sites out there. Not only do they talk about games that have already been released, but they also look into possible future releases and engage in in-depth discussions about what you can expect from these games. This site is also extremely reliable and you can expect to see at least a dozen new posts every day, which means they are really up to date with the world of gaming.


Meta Critic

As you can see by the name, this review site does not let games get off easily. If they find a slight problem with a game, meta critic does not simply move past it. This is refreshing as often when it comes to gaming sites, they will neglect to mention little issues that could make or break someone’s gaming experience.

Nintendo Life

If you are a Nintendo fan, then this is probably the best page for you. This review page is dedicated entirely to reviewing Nintendo games, so if these are the games that you play most frequently, then you will benefit from getting options from Nintendo light. Nintendo games receive constant content updates and changes to how they operate and this page is always there to share their opinions on these changes and analyze whether or not these changes were worth making.

Game Informer

This site comes from a very long-running magazine. Because magazines aren’t exactly that popular anymore, the company decided to move online. They still produce their much-loved content and will give news about upcoming games, as well as sharing their reviews on games that have already been released. The people that write their reviews are avid gamers who know what gamers look for when it comes to a new game, so their opinions are trusted by many in the community.

Game spot

This page is dedicated to sharing recent news about some of the games you already love, as well as the games that they know that you are going to love. This site is quite small and is run by people who truly care about gaming. They are very honest with their reviews, so if you are looking for transparency then you need to look no further.

The Review bros

One of the more relaxed and less professional review sites on this list is the review bros. This site was made for people who love games by a group of friends that have spent their entire lives gaming. Don’t expect complex reviews, but expect honesty.

The Pro-Players Guide to Improving your Warzone Skills

If you have ever watched a top-tier streamer playing Warzone, one thing tends to stand out. Every single one of them has a remarkable aim. But they did not develop those mechanics overnight. Honing your aim in Warzone can be a challenging task. Many players believe by just playing enough you will eventually become a great player. And whilst experience is important, your mechanics will eventually hit a ceiling without some dedicated effort on your end. Thankfully, by doing certain things and practicing regularly, it is possible for anyone to improve their mechanical skill significantly. This guide will primarily focus on the keyboard and mouse as it has a higher skill ceiling and is the more common input type for PC players. However, some of the advice in this article applies to controller players too. There are various cheats that make Call of Duty Warzone more fun  if you do not wish to play hardcore. 


One of the most common problems casual first-person shooter players have on PC is their sensitivity. Many newer FPS players assume that the best players must use high sensitivities in order to lock onto targets faster. However, in practice, having a high eDPI will do far more harm than good for your aim. eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is a value calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI by your in-game sensitivity. Every gaming mouse comes with the ability to customize its DPI. What DPI you use on your mouse is widely personal preference but somewhere between 400 and 3000 works well. Personally, I opt for 1000 DPI but 800 is the most commonly used amongst more dedicated FPS players. As for eDPI, it can take some tweaking to figure out what works for you. Call of Duty: Warzone is a game that features a lot of long-range tracking which is easier to do at a lower eDPI. But if you are caught up close by a flanker or rusher, a higher eDPI can make it easier to react to those situations. 

Practicing daily 

If you wanted to become a better three-point shooter, you would work on developing your muscle memory of an effective jump shot form. If you wanted to become a better goalkeeper, you would work on developing your muscle memory of how to catch a ball consistently. Developing muscle memory is one of the most powerful tools for improvement as it helps turn a fundamental skill into second nature. Similarly, if you want to improve your aim then you need your sensitivity and DPI drilled into your muscle memory. Outside of just playing FPS a lot, the best way to do this is with daily drills. Drills are exercises you can do to further enhance your muscle memory of how far your mouse needs to move in order to turn in-game. If you manage to perfect your muscle memory, you will be a sharpshooter in no time. 


Importance of learning your gun 

Needless to say, not every gun handles the exact same in Warzone. The majority of slow-firing weapons accommodate a similar flick-centric aim style. That means snipers, DMRs, shotguns, and the heavier pistols simply rely on you landing flick shots onto either your enemy’s upper chest or head. However, the same cannot be said of automatic weapons. Each and every automatic gun in Warzone has a unique recoil spray pattern. Learning this pattern is essential to become as accurate as possible. Learning the muscle memory from daily drills is step one, but if you do not know how to apply that muscle memory it is not that useful. To figure out your favorite gun’s spray pattern, you will want to go into a private match or Plunder. Once you are in, find a suitable wall for spraying a full magazine into. There are thousands of spots you can do this due to the large scale of the map. Alternatively, for Modern Warfare guns you can load up a Shipment lobby and try them out there. This does not work for Black Ops Cold War weapons as they are not usable in Modern Warfare multiplayer. Using them in Cold War itself is no good either as the gunplay is completely different in Treyarch’s game. 

Once you have found a spot, fire a whole magazine without attempting to manage the recoil at all. After finishing your magazine, you will see a pattern emerge showing what direction your gun recoils. If the pattern goes up and right, you will need to practice pulling your mouse down and left to counteract that. Keep in mind that in an actual game you may be required to track horizontally whilst also pulling down on your mouse to manage recoil. This can be one of the hardest aim techniques to master in Warzone and will require you to keep practicing over and over. 

Gaming History: The Rise of Machinima

Machinima was one of the most well-known names in the Youtube gaming community for a huge portion of the platform’s history. Where the current youth have been brought up on reaction videos and PewDiePie wannabes, over a decade ago an entire generation of gamers grew up watching various Machinima videos and channels to get their passive, video-game related fix.


High peaks

Although no longer prominent (and honestly almost entirely defunct), Machinima had a long, successful run on Youtube and at one point they directly employed 200 people to create hundreds of hours of content for viewers to enjoy every year, allowing them to produce a wide range of shows to millions of subscribers.



Before it was ever a Youtube network, and before even Youtube itself, Machinima (originally known as “machinima”, a portmanteau of “machine” and “cinema”) was a term used by the video-making community to describe videos that use and manipulate video-games to create video content to be used as a base for creating a wide range of content, from skits to fairly serious “animated” dramas.

In January 2000, Machinima was founded as a website that would act as a hub for Machinima content, where a huge part of the Machinima community would come to share their work and even featured original content such as articles about the community and more general articles about related technology.


A force for the community

Even in its early days, the website helped bring attention to the Machinima community and helped justify it as an art form in its own right, as the community had run into some legal issues when Id Software, the publisher of the most commonly used games to create machinima, threatened legal action against anyone who leaked code which was integral to creating high-quality machinima.


A new platform

Luckily, this change in focus for the community worked out, and soon after Youtube was launched in 2005, Machinima created a channel network to fund many dozens of creators to make Machinima, in exchange for exclusivity to their network. This proved to be an incredibly lucrative move, as suddenly many people who loved this art-form could now earn a decent wage doing what they love, leading to rapid advancement in the field and a great increase in the quality and quantity of the content.


How to dominate the space

In 2012, Machinima was the 4th most subscribed channel on Youtube and hosted legendary shows such as “GamerPoop” and “Inside Gaming”. For a while, it was difficult to watch gaming-related videos and not see their iconic logo crawl at the beginning. They continued to rise in subscribers over the next few years, eventually peaking at over 16 million, with no sign of slowing down, even securing millions of dollars in funding from Warner Bros. and eventually securing a sale of Machinima to the entertainment giant.


The highs and lows of production

During this time between 2012 and 2016, Machinima continued to rise in prominence in the gaming world, but during this time an increasing number of its 5,000 partners started to speak out about Machinima’s incredibly controlling contracts which limited any creators if they decided to make content outside of the network.

There was further controversy with shady advertising deals involving paid promotion from Microsoft which creators were contractually banned from disclosing, which eventually caught the eye of the FCC, showing the world that this is not the correct way to run a youtube marketing campaign, and actually led to Youtube altering their terms of service to stop it happening again.


Unfortunately, after fading largely into memory over the late 2010s, the company ceased all public operations in 2019, but their influence and legacy will likely continue for years to come, as they helped foster a huge and creative community that has gone on to create some great things since.