Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Playing on a Console

There is just no broader conversation throughout the gaming world than what is better – a PC or a gaming console? All have their tastes, but views are slightly different depending on their likes and dislikes. Therefore, a final conclusion is difficult to come to. It’s not like anybody would say you’re wrong!
However, general standards have an immense effect on user knowledge and improve widely. No matter if you’re a fan of Xbox or a PlayStation fan, they’re going to influence you. And the computer falls on top in terms of all these attributes.
Yes, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo developed famous products that revolutionized the industry. In addition, it’s impossible to say that they cannot compete with the computer. This is basically because the PC is a big player when you compare the overall functionality. So, you should consider this if you want to join iGaming or switch consoles.
In this article, we have discussed the reason on how computers are better than gaming consoles in the field of gaming.
The costly elephant cannot be overlooked. Irrespective of which console generation you buy, you would need to spend a few hundred dollars on Xbox One or PS4. This does not mention the most recent consoles released recently.
You may consider paying about $500 for those who are fortunate few who have their hands in PS5 or Xbox X. It’s a massive amount of money, particularly for an obsolete product when the latest Xbox or PlayStation comes in the market in a couple of years.
Sure, after you add-ons and work the game, PC ends up costing all about the same. However, from a personal machine, you get much more value for money because of its multipurpose. One minute you stroll across the online maps of GTA, and the next time you can perform your other work like doing projects.   
You can use the PC for games, but how useful it is to do other things, particularly if you work in an office or a student, it will always surprise you. It is clear that you cannot write a thesis on your PS5, but you can do that on your PC. So it is really great.
What distinguishes a Computer in a gaming point of view is its accessibility. While Microsoft and Sony are not Apple, they are flexible providers and don’t limit users in a basic operational system. Briefly, when you unpack and connect the box first, what you will see is the only thing that you will get.
This is cool because you’ve done your research and the graphics and system processors you are pleased with and all that it offers. But are you happy just because the gaming console you are using is the best among the bad bunch? The Xbox or PlayStation is unbelievably restrictive and is not suitable for gaming when compared with a computer.
For instance, a graphics card of a higher variant can be purchased and on your screen definition can be improved. Computer users can also add additional RAM, increase storage and system power to enhance the gaming experience simultaneously. You can open your machine and mount a custom GPU if you have knowledge about what you are doing.  
Unfortunately, neither upgrade with traditional gaming consoles is feasible because it is not the similar way wired like a computer. It is difficult to make changes in Xbox or PS4, and you can also damage it if you forcibly make some changes.  
PC Exclusives
PCs are special, which is a very good beginning. All know or met people who contend that this is not the case. Only Microsoft and Sony seem to be able to restrict their consoles compatibility. It is definitely not true since the PC includes a whole genre of latest games which are relatively exclusive to computers.
When did you play Crusader Kings or Disco Elysium on a gaming console for the last time? Never, as these games cannot be played on console. Titles deny that people do not want to play, however the figures for buying and engaging prove otherwise.  
PC games are exclusive and hence are of excellent quality.

Backward Compatibility
You have a PC game, and it’s a lifetime. Yeah, a physical disc must be bought or downloaded, similar to a console from the Valve Steam Platform. However, the parallels stop when console manufacturers install innovations in their products and services.
They label them as points of sale, but the truth is that the average gamer is a stumbling block. After all, because of the different OS, you’re going to have a standard title and maybe not on a PS4. All that is to persuade you to purchase a gaming unit that costs more and hampers user experience in the longer term.
PCs are not that sly; they became common in the 1990s and early 2000s; they retained almost all of the same operating system. Indeed, different features and elements are there, but the framework is similar. For gamers, what does that mean? It means that any piece of the title you buy in your store or online, whether you retain or upgrade your old device for something better, can continue to play on your personal device.
Sony caught this trick only with the PS5, but PCs did so for decades.

Free Games
How to play without destroying video games? The only free play in town now that mobile devices are on the spot is to say PCs are the wrong way forward. In many ways, cells and smartphones deliver a UX that cannot be made, so the popularity of the titles is through the roof.
But computers have been and will continue to participate in the market for free games, which is something for admiring gaming fans. In reality, many of the most famous and most important games in the world are classified as free, so it’s fair to make them your choice. 
You wouldn’t have to pay another hundred, not with PCs free to play. However, if you like, the ubiquitous sales can provide you with the perfect opportunity to finish your favourites and make a deal.

Final Words
Finally, we can conclude that PCs are better than gaming consoles in many ways and are more preferred globally. So start playing PC games and have fun in your free time.

The Most Exciting Upcoming PC Games We Know the Least About

PC games have become the trend of the gaming world and have a huge playing fan base. There are many games that are going to be released this year and will be of great fun to play. So here we have jotted down a few of them in this article.

Atomic Heart
The first trailer of Atomic Heart came from nowhere back in the year 2018, which showed a disturbing, stunning Soviet-era First Person game of weird robots and technological tests that went wrong. But, nowhere is the Atomic Heart practically here. We saw some gameplay trailers in addition to their continuously changing publication. Still, we do not know what the game is, including how far it goes well beyond clearly-silent demos. It looks still strange and lovely, but we do not know what to do with Atomic Heart till we view the demos in context. Alongside written support from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones creator, Elden Ring sounds like it would be From Software’s most challenging game ever made.

Rainbow 6: Quarantine
Expect a collaborative tactical shooter created on Six Sieges Rainbow’s bones to set the universe’s future some years before operators face a mutated extraterrestrial parasite. We did not learn much, but it was delayed in 2021. Moving through the whole pandemic, we would bet whatever alterations there are—at least to the title. We’re here to do that, regardless of what’s cooking. The PCG team is filled with co-op shooter followers who will bring less competitive players as I do into the fold by building the game encompassing classic R6 styles such as Terrorist Hunt. Given the connotations of virus outbreaks, we guess that spinoff is close to Siege’s short-lived 2018 cooperative Outbreak game mode, which was liked a lot. We haven’t yet seen Quarantine in motion, but indeed it would be wild.

Expect a new, familiar Bethesda RPG space set. But this is about everything we’ve got. The facts are:
It’s a Bethesda RPG of its origin.
It’s in space.
It’s a beautiful, hazardous new technology for space flight.
Please wait for it as a close run of Kerbal rather than a Star Trek routine mission. Starfield is still the prettiest RPG in Bethesda, with Todd saying that the game engine was re-written significantly. More interesting is that it could not generate more RAM and processing power for the Xbox One/PS4 console generation. For the version of the PC, this is always a great sign.
Since Fallout 4 was released in the year 2015 and reached the playable state several years ago, Starfield has actively been in progress, but the world of open games is unmanageable. 
Stalker 2
We are going to be stalking in the game Stalker 2 again. It is back with the area surrounding a Chernobyl nuclear plant, a radioactive nightmare area. Wait for a return for Stalker staples, although widened with new technologies. This time it is a real-world with no loading screens scattered around. A-Life has been improved, though we do not know how, by the name of world simulation and its denizens. However, it’s thrilling, mainly when life resembles the relationship between anomalies, scavengers, bears, aliens, and something else, even though you aren’t around. Welcome to any change.
Shortly before 2020, GSC revealed a piece of engine footage not showing any new details on the planet but reassuring us that it would look fantastic. Stalker 2 will put our computer to work if the teasers reveal what the gambling might look like, destroyed houses, dingy gear, and odd anomalies return.
 In 2018, GSC Games suggested a release date of 2021, but there is no warranty on an offhand statement. I have assumed that we would see it late in 2022 as soon as possible with a detailed world similar to Stalker’s, particularly with the inherent instability caused by pandemic complications.
Someone else will do it if Bethesda doesn’t do Better Scrolls. Obsidian is admitted to being the turning stone to an FPP open-world RPG fantasy, placed in the similar setting as the CRPGs of Infinity. Apart from the viewpoint, the trailer does not tell us anything, and we’re going to use melee and magic to kill a big surprise. It is also less playful than any Elder Scrolls, and I expect less NPC to name me the hero of Avowed because of how grim the PoE games can be.
On the spectrum, Avowed follows The Outer Realms, a neat FPP RPG with the smaller universe and exceedingly easy battle bundled around in some traditional Obsidian quest scripting. Once again, it approaches the risk of pain reduction. Also, maybe Microsoft will deliver Obsidian added time and resources to increase the touch’s size and make the project a real reputation.
There is no indication when it would be released. Obsidian continues its work on land and packaging, The last extension of the external worlds, but it’s because Avowed is the subject of the studio’s bulk.

We had been very curious about Harry Potter’s proposed Chucklefish’s life sim after our first Witchbrook in January of 2017. A game with the environment and the mostly built-in characteristics, demonstrating a complex school and social structure was our 2017 interview with Chucklefish. Yet Chucklefish stayed silent for some time, only to come with a whole new appearance for Witchbrook in April 2020. It looks good, but there is nothing under the covering of the fun social sorcery simulation.
The upgrade looks like that the reach of Witchbrook is still in flux, but there is no verified release window. It seems reasonable, but what is done we do not know. It is a studio with zero-crunch, so we’d have Witchbrook come up. It will take at least 1-2 years before a new fantastic tale of Stardew Valley, and after the upgrade of 1.5, it will be thrilling.

These are some of the games that are going to release year or shortly and must be of great fun. The wait will soon be over, and you will have great fun playing these games; until then, check out other PC games and have fun.

Essentials Every PC Gamer Needs for Their Setup

As a PC gamer, it is necessary that you must have all the necessary equipment that is required for gaming. It includes a good quality mouse, a high quality gaming keyboard, a camera with good pixel quality, dual monitor set-up to check out the live comments of the viewers and many more such equipment’s. So in this article, we have jotted down some of the most essential tools that every PC gamers must have in their gaming setup. So read and find out.

Wireless Mouse for Gaming
Regardless of which game you’re playing, a great game mouse is required. This PC equipment definitely will exponentially enhance your play performance. A mouse with wireless players has much more characteristics than an ordinary mouse has. Things like vibration, fast clicking, or custody give you an edge in online competitive games.
With a large mousepad, a decent quality PC mouse does not work. A big mousepad offers stable maundering and plenty of place for individual acts.

Gaming Keyboard
A high-quality keyboard is another essential in your game setup. The game mouse and the keyboard, which are a safe investment, are both in the similar price range (about $100).
High-quality gaming keyboards have many game-enhancing features. It offers quicker buttons, more customization, and better longevity, apart from cool lighting at the back of the keys.
When you’re on your computer many hours a day, you should have an ergonomic supplement, including wrist rest, that will assist you to avoid harm or fatigue.

Dual Monitor Set-Up
Competitive games involve several different tasks, and so dual monitors are a fundamental structure for games. Furthermore, your FOV can be changed so that you have a broader viewing angle.
Curved double-size displays can also be found, but most curved monitors do not work with most games, so some screen parts are useless.
You can use the combination of monitor that is ideal for you and also fits your budget. Also, remember to select the size of the monitor accordingly so that you can have a watch on both the monitors properly.

Professional Gaming Chair
You probably need a comfortable chair for gaming if you employ several hours playing PC games. It is the best investment because it can significantly affect your well-being to play an uncomfortable role every day.
Playing chairs encourages a better posture, increases blood movement across the body, and reduces issues with the neck. Try purchasing an ergonomically-equipped gaming chair because your wellbeing is what matters the most.
This Game Chair Cougar Armor Pro is a beautiful chair for long, easy gambling sessions. It also comes with the reasonable price and is of good quality and provides excellent comfort.

Gaming Glasses
Many people do not know the blue light that eyestrains generate on computer screens. So the eyes feel drained and watery after you complete the lengthy gaming session. It can drive to significant health issues and eye problems.
A pair of gaming glasses is the perfect way to prevent the harmful blue light, which hurts your vision. There is a filter for blue light which certain people fix on their screen, but this function eliminates the graphics. The gaming brass increases the gaming experience overall and simultaneously protects your eyes.

High-Quality Microphone
Without a dedicated mic, the game setup is never really full 100%, especially if you are a streamer.
Microphones from $20 to high altitudes of above $300 can be identified.
Now is the time when you need to purchase a proper microphone if you intend on streaming. You will have to check for one that has been advertised to stream. At the moment, there are some great offers.

Headphone Stand
The gaming adapter that is not necessary but finishes a gaming installation!
The Satechi gives many features, like the durable aluminium case, an organizer for cables, and all sizes and brands are compatible. Rubberized grips are also included on top and foundation, the 3.5mm headphone jack connecting your headphones and selecting a silver, grey, and golden room in three colours.

A High-Quality Camera
A high-quality camera is a must if you’re going to broadcast your games. You can use a Logitech Webcam, which has a high-grade quality camera and suitable for gaming. Now, it’s excellent for general use, but you’ll want something more suitable for Twitch game streaming.
You may want to glance at the action camera if you’d not be willing to pay money on a camera only for games.

The lack of usability of the USB ports is an issue that we can fix very quickly. You say few is enough, but let’s face it, with USB, that is not the situation. We can all do something about it!
For people who keep their PC on the desk or a little from the gaming places, access ports may get regularly disturbed. Go ahead to find the USB extension cord and USB Hub to fix this. The usability of the USB port is not a problem now for those two reasonably cheap products.
Place the USB hub inside or on the desk, and you can easily access your ports.

PC Cleaning Kit
Stay clean on your PC. It will be more relaxed and more extended! Keeping a PC clean is super easy; unless you’ve got fingerprints or smudges in the case, you won’t even have to touch it. A compressed air canister is the perfect way to disinfect your PC from dust.

Quick Tips for Cleaning the PC
Wear a dust mask to keep the case from breathing in the dust.
Open your PC and disconnect the cables and power supply.
To let fresh air and dust out in the room, open a window or door.
Remove from your case the front and side doors.
To clean the dust from any filter, use a compressed air can
To clean up the dust from your CPU, use a compressed air can.
To purify the dust from cooling fans, use the compressed air can.

So these were some of the necessary tools and equipment that every PC gamer must require for playing the game. So get your best quality gaming equipment and start playing games.

Dragon Age 4: Everything We Know About this PC Game

Dragon’s Age Season 4 has been one of the mysteries of gaming for many years. After the Dragon Age: DLC Inquisition came down, we expected another Dragon Age game to come. It was apparent to us that Thedas’ saga was far from finished. BioWare has for years avoided any public announcement that the fourth game was underway. Still, BioWare has now said in no doubt that they are working on the new Dragon Age game, while the two teaser videos, the Behind Scenes video, and some concept art still know a precious little about it.
We haven’t had a real look at the gameplay at Dragon Age 4, or maybe even a title, but BioWare began splashing teasers more regularly from the summer of 2020. As we wait for a good announcement, here’s what we know more about the story of the 4th Part of Dragon Age, a potential date of release, trailers, game characters, and more.

When Can Dragon Age Part 4 be Released?
For Dragon Age Part 4, we still have no launch date. A lot of stuff we don’t understand about the game is still out there. It’s still probably a long way off, we do understand. It was identified in August 2020 as “early production” by the then-general manager of the organization Casey Hudson.
Hudson, in his blog update on September 2019 of BioWare, said among the reports of the future of Anthem.
Also listed was Dragon Age during the earnings call of EA in October 2019. The details are relatively short and non compulsory; however, the next Dragon Age game “tends to come after fiscal,” which will be after April of 2022, according to CFO Blake Jorgensen. Jorgensen also warns that such projections are not always made many years earlier. If “fiscal ’22” is optimistic or exceedingly, the careful prediction is impossible to predict, but it is only essential to wait to know more.

The New Trailer of Upcoming Dragon Age Part 4
BioWare presented a new preview trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age title at 2020 The Game Awards. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact title. Still, at least the latest trailer seems to confirm one returning person: Varric Tethras, a Dragon Age Part 2 and Inquisition Party member. The trailer also reveals that BioWare will take up a new protagonist for the next game, as is Dragon Age’s tradition. Yeah, and it’s very cool. The series appears to be getting deeper into some of the world’s most extraordinary, most fun magic than its dark Ferelden origins.

Dragon Age Part 4 Game Setting
It’s official, Tevinter. Due to the unpretentious completion of the final DLC of Dragon Age Inquisition, the 2019 game’s progress report, and the shorter story set named Tevinter Nights from the year 2020, we had been working on this premise for years. 
The game will take Tevinter players under executive producer of the game Mark Darrah as the Inquisition events threaten Intrusive, and Trespasser will forever transform Thedas. Since that time, Darrah is leaving BioWare, replacing Christian Dailey, but the other information is presumably up to date.
Tevinter is yet to appear correctly in a Dragon Age game, although mages often reference the nation, and some party members have come from the north. In the 2020 Game Awards Preview, we saw the Teviner capitol Minrathous peek, a vivid nighttime metropolitan environment, and a floating central sector, almost cyberpunk.
It is possible that the Dragon Age Season 4 will not only be set in Tevinter, like Inquisition but will also take a trip to other nations. The studio history book of BioWare includes a few of the same conceptual art that we saw in a summer 2020 video behind the scenes. The Necropolis in Navarra and an Antivan Crow assassin were small select works of art selected for the page. It suggests that we might visit both sites as part of the story. The Deep Paths, yeah, and even. Without an underground visit, we likely don’t escape from the Dragon Age game.

Gameplay of Dragon Age Part 4
It’s undoubtedly an RPG, and so one thinks, but after this, there is also very high knowledge regarding dragon age 4. The creators talked about creating systemic plot mechanisms to make the player’s actions persuasive or extinguish the guardians without the writers being forced to design and build every scene. The intention was to focus on decision and outcome as often as necessary, with as small a Joplin as possible, in a post on Kotaku’s first edition of Dragon Age four.
As per both the reporting of Kotaku concerning the Dragon age four and Anthem, games’ production is an extremely iterative process, particularly for BioWare. Dragon Age 4 undoubtedly changed its personnel and perhaps even changed vision today, when it is internally known as Morrison. After player criticism of the Inquisition open world, it’s still likely that BioWare is trying to create a smaller, denser open world for Dragon age 4.

Dragon Age Part 4: Characters that Will Return
One protagonist we recognize is the Dread Wolf himself, who plays a role in Dragon Age 4 events. Solas is spotlighted in both teaser trailers so far, and his connection with Thedas’ biggest struggles means he shouldn’t go anywhere soon.

Varric Tethras
Varic said the second teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4, Favorite Party member and story-teller, so we think he’ll make a broadcast, too. Dragon Age 2 and Inquest, he was a party candidate. Will he be in the fray for the third time or stand aside like Inquisition’s consultant characters?

Other Characters That Will Return
Dragon Age has repeat characters, such as Alistair, a companion in Origin, returned for two series appearances, or Leliana, who has a similar course. 
BioWare has previously dedicated itself to hanging its players between the titles of the Dragon Age. The Hawke and Gray Warden have the opportunity to cameo in the Dragon Age: DLC Inquisition. Any story comes with a new hero. We can then see the Inquisitor presence at the age of 4, but they certainly will not be the main scene.
Dorian Pavus appears to be another potential contender for Tevinter because he has returned to his home country in the Inquisition DLC. In the Tevinter Evenings, he made a brief appearance. The visual art seen in the backdrop video in the summer of 2020 looked like the old mouse charm.

This is the detailed information that you must have about the upcoming game Dragon Age Part: 4. We will be updating all the other information soon when we get it. Until then, wait for this game and enjoy other PC games.