If you are someone that loves Call of Duty, then you have definitely been playing Cold War. Cold War is the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise and promises to completely reinvent the way in which we play the game. Along with a brand new set of daring maps, Cold War constantly brings back reworked classic maps.

What really sets this new game apart from the others is just how much there is to do with it. If you are someone that has already been playing the game, then you will know that the game splits into two.  Warzone is much like a lot of the classic Call of Duty games that you know and love, but with more of a hectic battle royale style.  The introduction of this game mode has excited Call of Duty fans everywhere and to make it even better, there are various cheats that make call of duty warzone more fun. Now that you know about some of the features that the game is currently offering, you may be curious to know what you can expect in the latest season.

What sets this game apart from the previous games is the introduction of the Battle Pass. This Battle Pass allows you to unlock fun skins, characters, and even game perks. The game is now on its fourth season and this season is set to be the best one yet,  but what new features have been announced?


Ground fall

To kick off the brand new season there will be an event called the Ground fall event.  This will be a great way to pick up some quick XP at the very start of the season so that you can unlock all of the exciting features of the brand-new battle pass.

This brand new model is based on testing out all of the new guns and game modes that will be present at various points throughout the season. This game mode will not be available for a long time and so we recommend that you make the most of it while you have the chance. The purpose of this mode is to give you a taster of what is to offer in the brand new battle pass as Ubisoft hopes that by trying them out, you may feel more inclined to purchase the pass.

What is really appealing about this particular game mode is the fact that you can get a blueprint for a secondary weapon that promises to be a cut above the rest.

New player models

One of the best aspects of Cold War is the astounding variety of character models. Not only do you have different teams of player models to choose from, but each character within this team has a number of customizable versions.

In the new season, you can expect to be introduced to a brand new cast of characters. The NATO team in particular has a number of brand new members being added to it. Among the new characters is Salah. Salah is a member of Egypt’s elite unit 777 and has quite a shocking appearance. What really makes this character stand out is his eye patch, which will add a certain edge to your gameplay.

New weapons

Something that everyone looks forward to with every season is the introduction of brand new guns. This season you can expect to see five new exciting guns with unlockable attachments that will only improve their quality.

For those of you that love a light machine gun, you would have already noticed the lack of light machine gun selection in the previous season. The MG 82 looks to make a difference to that and is said to have the highest fire rate in the entire game.

If you are someone that loves a trusty assault rifle, then you will once again be happy to know that they are adding to their assault rifle collection. The C58 is set to be released in the new season and can be obtained for free. This gun offers high damage at a slower fire rate, so it will be great for someone who likes close combat.

Nail Gun

The nail gun is set to be added this season and can be obtained by completing the challenge of getting 5 kills with a grenade launcher 15 times in a row. If you manage to do this, then you can then access the nail gun. The nail gun promises rapid-fire and even more powerful damage, so we recommend that you attempt to get it.


What makes this gun stand apart from others that are being released this season is the fantastic attachments that you can get with it. Unfortunately, the SMG has a low magazine capacity of only 20 rounds, so you will need to keep acquiring ammo.

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