It is said by many that how drugs are represented within popular media culture will have a big impact on how they are thought about in the real world. While this could be argued to be true, there are also a lot of other factors that play a part in a person’s approach towards drugs and how they view them within society. It is important to also consider that a person’s own [personal experiences will play a huge part in their attitude towards drugs, but it is also said that in this day and age the media also affects us in a bigger way than we would like to admit.

Drug representation basically means how it is portrayed within many aspects of mainstream media outlets, gaming is just one of these but with the increase in adult-rated games we have seen many examples of drugs within the industry. Crime games, in particular, show various depictions of drugs with each varying in intensity depending on the game’s age limit, although most of them do end up being rated as eighteen and over.

As mentioned previously gaming is just one aspect of drugs and mainstream life, this article will be covering how gaming affects our views when it comes to drugs as well as other factors that may have played a part in breaking the taboo.

How Gaming Affects People in Relation to Drugs

Gaming has a big effect on those who play online games regularly, especially with games that are mimicking the real world sit can be easy to become drawn into the immersive nature of what you are playing and start to take what is happening as real life information. Drugs are no exception to this with many people viewing the way that drugs are shown in many games as to how it really is. This is not always the case with things like this being dramatized for effect in the same way as many other forms of media.

Young People

With younger people especially who may not be aware of the drugs world, it could be the case that the first example they are seeing is from the games that they play, this is why it is so important that you monitor the content your children are exposed to and make sure that they know that the games they play are not always an accurate depiction of how life really is.

Legal Changes

Although gaming can have a really big effect on how people view drugs and drug use there are a number of other factors that play a bigger part in the world’s attitudes. A big change that occurred in recent years was the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the US and other worldwide regions. With it being legal for personal and medical use in many parts of the world now, cannabis especially has seen a big change with some people viewing this drug as a medical product rather than just for recreational use. Using this drug can have many benefits with chronic illnesses, sleep issues, and anxiety which is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have started using it within their everyday lives.

These legal changes also include the legalization of growing your own cannabis at home, as long as you stick to the regulations of how much you can grow and how much of the final product you can possess at a given time, you should have no legal issues with growing your own cannabis.

Growing Your Own

If you are of legal age and in a legal state and want to get started with growing your own, then marijuana seeds for sale in the US can be found here with many retailers offering advice for first-time growers. Growing your own allows you to have peace of mind that the product you are using has not come in contact with any harmful cutting chemicals or growing treatments, which can affect the drug and your body after use. These legal changes have made it more acceptable to use marijuana to treat many common issues, which in turn has made it less of a taboo subject to use this drug for recreational purposes.

Has the Taboo Actually Been Broken

It is my opinion that many steps have been taken to make drug use less of a taboo subject

instead, people are being encouraged to discuss their relationship with drugs and seek help where it is becoming an issue. Rather than being left to make a bigger issue out of a person’s drug use, I would say that the openness to the discussion that so many people seem to have is a sign that it is becoming less of a taboo subject.

Current Attitudes

When it comes to lower-end drugs like marijuana which is now considered by many to be on the same level as alcohol I would say that the taboo has been broken in mainstream society. It could be argued that how it has been shown in the media and video games played a big part, but I would argue that the real-world legal changes that have occurred are hugely responsible for the attitude change. The fact that these laws have allowed many people worldwide to have access to the medication that they require is a big benefit that has also contributed to the shift. I also feel that now the benefits of using drugs like this have been made a lot clearer more people are on board with using cannabis.