Valorant is an extremely popular game that was developed by Riot Games. The game is free to play which added to its popularity. The game is team-based which makes it much more fun as you can play with your friends and it involves tactics and first-person shooting. Each team has 5 players and plays as an agent from one of several countries, you’ll either play as the attacking team or the defending team. Each agent character has different abilities that require charging, this makes the game more interesting as each player has a different attack. There is also a wide variety of weapons that can be used in the game, preventing it from getting boring. We’ve found some of the best tips by the pro’s on how to get better at Valorant, or if you don’t want to put the work in luckily for you it’s easy to find valorant boosting services online which will do the hard work for you. 

Communicate with your team

In some games you play, you’ll be used to playing every man for themselves, but Valorant is a team game and you won’t get much better at it if you can’t communicate with your team. Before you start the match you should have already discussed with your teammates what your best strategy is to increase your chances of winning. You need to keep talking to them throughout and you’ll need to be as specific as possible so they have a clear picture of what is going on and you can keep each other informed of where your enemies are. The best players at Valorant will discuss their tactics after the match and reflect on the game to figure out how to improve.  

Practice shooting

As a beginner playing this game you may struggle with moving and shooting, so when you first start playing do some target practice to get used to how the guns work in-game, then move on to shooting without moving and once you’ve mastered this you can start learning how to move and shoot. This is only achieved by a lot of practice, the more your practice the more you will improve. In-game there is a place called ‘The Range’ as a beginner, every time you log on you should spend your first 15 minutes of playing there to practice your shooting and over time your aim will improve and shooting will become a lot easier as it will become muscle memory, rather than having to think about what you’re doing. 

Learn about gun recoil

The other thing that will make shooting much easier is when you get used to the gun recoil. This is slightly different on every gun so make sure when you begin you don’t keep switching between guns, instead choose your favorite and stick with it until you understand this and the rate of fire and your shooting will dramatically improve. Whilst it’s important to have mastered the use of your favorite gun, once you’ve progressed a bit more make sure you learn how to use other guns too as different situations in the game will require different weapons. 

Always crouch

This is a simple tip but it makes a massive difference to your gameplay. If you’re involved in a long fight then make sure you crouch whilst you’re shooting, shooting in this position helps you to have more control of your gun recoil. You should practice crouching and strafing at the same time in a 1v1 battle as this is the way you’re most likely to win, but it will take a lot of practice. Never jump whilst you’re shooting because it will definitely make you miss your target, the only time you should jump should be in defense to make it harder for your opponent to land a shot on you. 

Use your agent’s abilities

This is one way to improve, you should pick the agent that has abilities that are most suited to your gameplay. Practice taking advantage of your agent’s strengths, before you begin to do some research to make sure you find the agent that will help you the most in the game.  

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